Modernised compressed air system delivers reliability and energy efficiency gains

Category : Building Industry | Customer Name : Belmont Timber | Location : Fairfield, NSW

The new compressed air system at Belmont Timber which includes two ELGi EG series oil-lubricated rotary screw air compressors, selected for optimum reliability and efficiency.

Belmont Timber manufactures engineered timber products for the building industry

Many of the manufacturing processes at Belmont Timber are dependent on a reliable supply of compressed air.

Pictured Gary Walker, Managing Director at Belmont Timber

Pulford Air & Gas has assisted Belmont Timber, a manufacturer of engineered frames and trusses for the construction industry, in improving the reliability and energy efficiency of its compressed air supply by modernising an ageing compressed air system with two ELGi EG series oil-lubricated screw air compressors at its factory in Fairfield, NSW.

Belmont Timber requires a reliable supply of compressed air to power the machinery used to fabricate engineered frames and trusses for the building industry at its 20,000 m2 site in Fairfield, NSW. Reliability concerns and increased maintenance requirements of an ageing compressed air system, along with a noticeable rise in power consumption, led Belmont Timber to call on its long-standing compressed air partner Pulford Air & Gas for a new compressed air solution.

Gary Walker, Managing Director at Belmont Timber, said, "Compressed air is essential to our productivity. In fact, much of our manufacturing process is dependent on a reliable supply of compressed air. Take for example our nailing guns used in preassembly. If the compressed air pressure is incorrect, the nails will hang out of the timber, requiring additional work to be carried out to secure them into place.

We had also started to get some issues with the reliability of the ageing compressed air equipment, and it required more maintenance. In addition, we noticed that our power consumption was going up significantly.”

Pulford Air & Gas worked with Belmont Timber’s requirements to specify the optimum compressor solution for energy efficiency and reliability. As a result Pulford recommended replacing the ageing compressed air system with two ELGi EG30 oil-lubricated screw air compressors complete with refrigerated dryer, oil-water separator, downstream filtration, and air receiver to meet their needs.

The ELGi EG series of oil-lubricated screw air compressors deliver best-in-class energy efficiency. ELGi’s high-efficiency airends are equipped with in-house eta-V profile rotors, with the 4/5 lobe combination, designed to run at optimum speeds. This unique design reduces pressure losses, and together with the OSBIC process (Oil Separation by Impact Centrifugal action) 3-stage separation, increases efficiencies.

Aside from being an energy efficient solution, the robust EG series compressors also present a reliable solution. Designed to meet Australian conditions, they are well suited to performing at extreme temperatures, from cold to hot and from dry to extremely humid conditions, ensuring maximum uptime.

Gary Walker concluded: “Pulford Air & Gas has been looking after our compressors for a very long time, so we trusted them to present the best solution to meet our requirements. Since installation, the ELGi EG30’s have provided a reliable supply of compressed air. And, while we haven’t run the numbers yet, we expect to see energy savings as a result of the upgrade."

The EG series is backed by ELGI’s industry-leading warranty, which includes a 10-year warranty on the airend, and a 5-year warranty on the compressor package, including the motor, cooler, separator tank, fan motor, and controller.

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