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Product News | 01-Jul-2023

Pulford Air & Gas has established itself as a leader in the design and manufacture of bespoke Nitrogen Tyre Inflation Systems for the mining industry over the past two decades, with numerous installations already in operation in mine sites across Australia, delivering mine site operators a whole host of benefits over the conventional method of tyre inflation.

Pulford’s Nitrogen Tyre Inflation System offers rim protection from oxidisation, eliminating the cost of buying sealants and taking trucks off the road for this maintenance requirement. Nitrogen additionally improves tyre pressure retention, contributing to a safer running tyre, as well as improving fuel economy. The tyres also have a longer life, reducing tyre consumption and disposal for a clear environmental advantage.

A tailored solution

Every Pulford Nitrogen Tyre Inflation System is tailored to meet the customer’s specific application and site requirements. For ease of installation and maximum flexibility, the system is fully containerised making it easy to move to a new location if required.

An efficient on-site solution, the Nitrogen Tyre Inflation System from Pulford has been designed and developed with Australian conditions in mind. The system can be matched to specific fleet sizes and truck types, and it can be designed for any range or application from 1 m3/hr up to 3000 m3/hr, offering faster tyre inflation than most conventional systems. The inclusion of a large storage vessel ensures the system can instantly inflate up to two 57” tyres and offers fast recharge times for multiple inflations. Pulford’s system produce over 98 per cent purity for single inflation fills, with no need to double inflate.

Established in 1925, Pulford Air & Gas is Australia’s oldest air compressor company, specialising in the design, manufacture and service of quality air compressor and nitrogen gas systems.

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