Cookie Policy

When you visit ELGi websites, we may actively send one or more cookies to your website. By providing approval when prompted on our website, you consent to the use of cookies for the purposes set forth herein.

A cookie is a small text file or piece of data that are placed or stored on your terminal device in order to save and exchange data with our websites through your web browser.To prevent us from recognising your terminal device, ensure to configure your internet browser settings to block all cookies or to receive warning that the web page contains cookies before a cookie is stored into your device.

You can withdraw your consent and opt-out of using cookies at any time through the functionality provided in the website or by emailing to [email protected].

Types of Cookies

Session cookies: These are temporary cookies which are stored to the terminal device as long as you are on the website.These cookies are deleted from your device once you close your web browser.

Permanent Cookies: These are persistent cookies which stay in your device even after you close your web browser.

First-party cookies: First-party cookies are put on your device directly by our website you are visiting.

Third party cookies: These cookies are installed by third-parties to collect and analyse data in order to ascertain the behaviour of web users.

Elgi may use one or more cookies for the following categories of purpose:


To navigate within ELGi websites and operate basic website features and functions, such as gaining access to secure areas of the site.

Performance Cookies

To specifically gather data on how users use our website to measure the performance of a website including the number of visits, average duration of visit, Internet browsers and operating system used, the domain name of the website which you previously visited and pages called up.These cookies do not contain any personal datathat would enable personal identification of a user. You can block the use of such cookies by creating an exclusion cookie (see “managing cookies” below).

Functional Cookies

To remember the choices made by the user in the past by storing data already entered by the user and to provide personalized and customized functions to the user. For example, user name and password of the website is stored for future login.

Cookies for Marketing/Remarketing Purposes

To track the online activity of the web users and provide relevant content to users, based on their specific interests. They keep track of websites visited and contents used by the web user to monitor effectiveness of advertisement. These cookies are of third-party provenance and can have the data shared with one or more such third parties. You can block the use of such cookies by creating an opt-out cookie (see “managing cookies” below).

Manage Cookies

Google analytics, google adwords, adobe analytics, adobe target, adobe media optimizer, e-tracker, etc. on analysis of usage data (if any) and advertisement purposes.

If you have any queries about our Cookie Policy, please send us your queries and suggestions at [email protected].

ELGi reserves the unilateral right to update, modify, change and alter its Cookie policy from time to time.

Last Update

08th September 2020

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